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FY 2019 IPPS Rule, Worksheet S-10 Audits & Going Forward

Posted by Jamie Pennington on Feb 11, 2019 12:55:30 PM

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DFW Winter 2019 InterlocutorSouthwest Consulting Associates was featured in the latest issue of the Dallas-Fort Worth Hospital Council's Interlocutor magazine.  Beginning on page 24, Kyle Pennington reviews the FY 2019 IPPS rule, the inaugural audits of Medicare cost report Worksheet S-10 data and what's coming up next for hospital providers and their reimbursement teams. 


FY 2020 IPPS rulemaking is on the horizon and FY 2016 S-10 uncompensated care data will presumably be used as part of the federal UC calculation starting with the 2020 UC payments.  CMS has made it very clear that hospitals have had sufficient time to review their UC data and processes, as well as to understand and implement cost report revisions as a result of Transmittal 11.


In addition, for cost reports beginning on or after October 1, 2018, CMS is requiring hospitals to submit a detailed listing of charity patients or the report will be rejected. S-10 is here to stay, and it has significant reimbursement impacts for hospitals nationwide. It’s driving a nearly $8.3 billion federal reimbursement pool and billions more in State reimbursement pools. Hospitals should make every effort to analyze their UC data, review their processes for collecting and maintaining the data, and most importantly at this time, take a deep-dive look at their charity and other financial assistance policies and ensure they conform to the program requirements.


You can find a digital copy of the magazine here.  


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