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2020 Inpatient Acute (IPPS) Final Rule Update: Standardized Rates

Texas UC Payment Applications

Top 4 Takeaways from the Health Financial Systems User Meeting

FY 2020 Hospice Final Rule Update

CY 2020 End-Stage Renal Disease Proposed Rule Update

Medicare Cost Report Supporting Documentation Requirements

2020 Inpatient Skilled Nursing Facility Final Rule Update

2020 Inpatient Rehab Final Rule Update

2020 Inpatient Psych Final Rule Update

2020 Hospital OPPS Proposed Rule Update

FY 2020 IPPS Final Rule Posted

Worksheet S-10 2017 Audit Letter

FY 2020 IPPS Proposed Rule Review Part 2: Medicare DSH

FY 2020 IPPS Proposed Rule Review Part 1: Worksheet S-10 Uncompensated Care Payment

FY 2020 IPPS Rule & 2015 S-10 Audits Detail

340B Corner:  340B Registration Period Underway July 1-15th 2019

Proposed 2020 IPPS Rule: Update to Standardized Rates

FY 2020 Hospice Proposed Rule Update

FY 2020 Inpatient Skilled Nursing (SNF) Proposed Rule Update

FY 2020 IPPS Proposed Rule

FY 2020 Inpatient Psych Proposed Rule Update

FY 2020 Inpatient Rehab Proposed Rule Update

FFY 2017 MAC Letters & Aberrant Worksheet S-10 Data

FFY 2017 SSI Ratios Posted to CMS Website for Medicare DSH

PODCAST: Worksheet S-10 Scope, Uses and Implications

PRRB Rules and Electronic System

Observations from MAC Audits - Worksheet S-10

FFY 2019 Medicare Cost Report Submission Reminders

FY 2019 IPPS Rule, Worksheet S-10 Audits & Going Forward

FY 2020 Wage Index Deadline Reminders

Worksheet S-10 Audits

Medicare Cost Report Electronic Signature Steps

Cost to Charge Ratio Review For Worksheet S-10 Uncompensated Care Reporting

Medicare Cost Reporting Updates - 7 Things to Know

Hospital Cost to Charge Ratio 101

FY19 IPPS Final Rule: Cost Report Worksheet S-10 Is Here To Stay

Guide to 340B Recertification

CMS Posts 2019 IPPS Final Rule

340B Corner: Capt. Pedley Testifies In 340B Program Government Hearing

340B Corner: Senate HELP Committee Hearing on Drug Pricing Blueprint

Costs for Medicare Cost Report Worksheet S-10 Cost to Charge Ratio

Texas Hospital Association Partners With SCA Uncompensated Care Costs Calculations

2019 IPPS Proposed Rule: Cost Report Worksheet S-10 to determine Two-Thirds of Factor 3 for Uncompensated Care Payment

CMS Posts 2019 IPPS Proposed Rule

Federal Fiscal Year vs. Hospital Fiscal Year

340B Corner: Senate HELP Committee Hearing on the 340B Program

FFY 2016 SSI Ratios Posted to CMS Website

Worksheet S-10: 2017 History and Resource Guide

Southwest Consulting Associates Partners With HAPevolve

340B and Worksheet S-10 Collide, Again

Worksheet S-10 Q&A Posted by CMS

CMS Issues Transmittal 1981, Change Request 10378 for Worksheet S-10

Celebrating SCA's 3rd Blog-iversary

What You Need To Know About TDL 180029 & Worksheet S-10

CMS Transmittal 11 and Cost Report Worksheet S-10 Instructions

TDL Issued, Worksheet S-10 Revision Deadline Extended For ALL

CMS Extends Cost Report Worksheet S-10 Revision Deadline

340B Corner: Government Accountability Office 340B Recommendations

340B Corner: 340B OPAIS WEBINAR

Robust Factor 3 Comments Not Enough to Sway CMS & 2018 IPPS Final Rule

340B Corner: Mylan Finalizes Settlement for EpiPen Overcharging

2018 IPPS Final Rule: "What To Do Now" Recommendations

2018 IPPS Final Rule: Worksheet S-10 Comes Off the Bench

340B Corner Feature: Turnkey Pharmacy Solutions Recaps 340B Coalition

340B Corner: OPAIS ALERT

340B Corner: Make Way for OPAIS, OPA's New 340B Database!

CMS Posts 2018 IPPS Final Rule: Worksheet S-10 IS A GO!

2018 IPPS Proposed Rule: Recommendations in Advance of Final Rule

PRRB Alert 12 Issued

340B Corner: Energy & Commerce Committee Hearing “Examining HRSA’s Oversight of the 340B Drug Pricing Program” Part 2

340B Corner: Energy & Commerce Committee Hearing “Examining HRSA’s Oversight of the 340B Drug Pricing Program” Part 1

CMS Posts FY2014 Worksheet S-10 Revisions Announcement

FFY 2015 SSI Ratios Posted to CMS Website

CMS Issues Transmittal 1863 - FY2015 Worksheet S-10

340B Corner:  340B Registration Period Underway July 1-15th

IPPS Proposed Rule 2018: Factor 3 - CMS Digging Heels In

2018 IPPS Proposed Rule: Factor 3

2018 IPPS Proposed Rule Comment Letter Submitted to CMS

What is the 2018 IPPS Proposed Rule Factor 2?

2018 IPPS Proposed Rule: Factor 1

2018 IPPS Proposed Rule: Cost Report Worksheet S-10 to determine Medicare DSH/Uncompensated Care Payment

CMS Posts 2018 IPPS Proposed Rule

340B Corner:  Next 340B Registration Period Begins April 1st

PRRB Issues Decision in Massachusetts CCHIP Case

Because You Need Another Thanksgiving Email...

340B Corner: Managing High Compliance Risk in 340B Contract Pharmacy

340B Corner: Community Health Center 340B Policy and Procedures Check

340B Corner: FQHCs & OPA 340B Audit Findings

340B Corner:  The Next 340B Registration Period Begins October 1st

Worksheet S-10 & Transmittal 1681

2017 IPPS Final Rule Delays Worksheet S-10 Uncompensated Care Formula

340B Corner: OPA 340B Audit Enhancements, Tips & Independent 340B Audits

2017 IPPS Final Rule, Medicare DSH Reimbursement & Worksheet S-10

340B Corner: Glean Insights from HRSA 340B Audit Results

340B Corner: HRSA 340B Audit Statistics Update

340B Corner: Hospital 340B Recertification Starts Today

340B Corner: HRSA Coalition Update incl. 340B Program Regulation & 340B Audits

340B Corner: Hospital 340B Recertification Starts Next Month

340B Corner: OPA Addresses Independent 340B External Audits @ Coalition

FFY 2014 SSI Ratios Posted to CMS Website

340B Corner: Expectations of a 340B Independent Audit

2017 IPPS Rule Posted: Big Changes for Medicare DSH & S-10 Uncompensated Care

340B Corner: Comment Period Reopened for 340B Pricing & Civil Monetary Penalties

4 Misconceptions Regarding Medicare DSH SSI Recalculations

340B Corner: Updated 2015 HRSA Audit Results, First Look at 2016

2016 OPPS Final Rule - Medicare DSH & New Substantive Reimbursement Requirement

340B Corner: 340B Purchased Drugs Allowed for Discharge Prescriptions

PRRB Published Jurisdictional Decisions:  A Year in Review - Part II

Another Case for Retroactive Medicaid Eligibility Verification: South Carolina

340B Corner: 340B Eligibility & Qualification

PRRB Published Jurisdictional Decisions:  A Year in Review - Part I

SSI Recalculations: Determining IF You Benefit

340B Corner: 340B Coalition Winter Conference Update

340B Corner: Manufacturer Credit for Recalculating 340B Ceiling Price

Considerations for Worksheet S-10 Uncompensated Care Reporting

340B Corner: Contract Pharmacy Quarterly Monitoring

340B Corner: Contract Pharmacy - "With Great Risk, Comes Great Reward"

340B, Worksheet S-10 & Uncompensated Care in Spotlight

SSI Recalculations: AKA SSI Realignments/SSI Redeterminations/SSI Enhancements

SCA News & Events: ‘Tis the Season

340B Corner: 340B Program Focus in FY2016 OIG Work Plan

340B Corner: OIG Issues Policy Statement On Self-Administered Drugs

340B Corner: HRSA & SCA 340B External Audit Takeaways & Best Practices

Overview of Worksheet S-10 Medicare Cost Report Instructions

340B Corner: 2015 HRSA Audit Results

MedPAC Advocates Worksheet S-10 To Distribute Uncompensated Care Pool

340B Corner: Mega-Guidance Addresses Covered Outpatient Drugs

340B Corner: Preventing Medicaid Managed Care Duplicate Discounts Falls on 340B Covered Entity

340B Corner: Exceptions For 340B Covered Entities Subject to GPO Prohibition

340B Corner: Hospital 340B Eligibility Changes in Mega-Guidance

340B Corner: Mega­-Guidance Language Change May Eliminate Child Sites

340B Corner:  Mega-Guidance Addresses 340B Patient Definition

340B Corner:  Mega-Guidance Puts Emphasis on 340B Program Integrity

340B Corner: Manufacturer Refund for 340B Covered Entity Overcharging

340B Corner: Mega-Guidance Adds Contract Pharmacy Audit Requirement

340B Corner: Regulators Continue Evaluation of 340B Program

Medicare DSH, Barberton and Another Case for Retrospective Reviews

340B Corner: HRSA posts 340B Program Omnibus Guideline (Mega-Guidance)

IPPS Final Rule, Medicare DSH, Factor 3 & the Timing of Medicaid Days

Medicare DSH and Worksheet S-10 Uncompensated Care Update

340B Corner: OMB Review of 340B Mega-Guidance Complete

FY 2016 IPPS Final Rule in Federal Register Addresses Worksheet S-10

340B Corner: Controversial GAO Report on the 340B Drug Pricing Program

340B Corner: 340B Mega-Guidance review extended by OMB

340B Corner: 340B Recertification Best Practices

340B Corner: 340B Recertification

PRRB Alert 11 Issued

340B Corner HRSA 340B Coalition Update & Restricted Manufacturer Audit

340B Corner: Instance of Overcharging in the 340B Program

340B Corner: Ceiling Price & Civil Monetary Penalties Proposed Rule Up

340B Corner: The 340B Program History

2016 IPPS Proposed Rule Comment Letter Submitted to CMS

How Will Mega-Guidance Clarify Patient Definition For A Covered Entity

340B Corner: Evaluate How Proposed Changes May Impact 340B Program

2016 IPPS Proposed Rule: Uncompensated Care Reimbursement

340B Corner: 340B and the Growing Importance of Worksheet S-10

FFY 2013 SSI Ratios Posted to CMS Website

340B Corner: HRSA Submits Mega-Guidance For OMB Review

340B Corner: The Fight Continues - Orphan Drugs

340B Corner: GPO Prohibition Compliance

340B Corner: Shift In 340B Compliance to Include Manufacturers

CMS Issues Ruling 1498-R2

4th Quarter PRRB Appeal Jurisdiction Decisions – New Decisions, Same Trends

Alert 10: PRRB Issues Favorable Jurisdictional Decision in Barberton

340B Corner: Energy & Commerce Committee Examine the 340B Drug Pricing Program - Congressional Hearing Summary

340B Corner: Get Ready, Get Ready

340B Corner: HRSA is coming! HRSA is coming!

340B Corner: Cmdr. Pedley Announces 2015 Timeline & 340B Mega-Guidance

340B Corner: HRSA/OPA Fiscal Year 2016 Budget Proposal

340B Corner: 340B Meets S-10

340B Corner: All Aboard

SCA News & Events: Santa’s Helpers & Holiday Office Fun

Southwest Consulting Notes Items of Importance in OIG FY2015 Work Plan

SCA News & Events: And the Award Goes To...

Front & Center with SCA President, Michael Newell: Alert 10 In Action

Medicare DSH & PRRB Alert 10: Don't get Steamrolled

SCA News & Events: ‘Tis the Season

PRRB Appeal Jurisdiction Decisions: Navigating the Hurdles

Revised 2015 Exchange Enrollment Projections and Uncompensated Care

Medicare DSH and CMS’ Requirement to Claim Cost: An Unfinalized Proposed Change That Should Command Your Attention

Medicare DSH As You Know It Has Changed

Uncompensated Care Reimbursement: Meet Your Milestones

Medicare Disproportionate Share: 25% Is All You Get?

Uncompensated Care Reimbursement: Factor 3 (Piece of the Pie)

Uncompensated Care Reimbursement: Factor 2 (THE SKIM)

Uncompensated Care Reimbursement: Factor 1 (THE POOL)

Introducing the Uncompensated Care Payment

Empirically Justified DSH Payment & What it Means to Reimbursement

Meet the “New” Medicare DSH Calculation under the Affordable Care Act

Southwest Consulting Associates Celebrates 1-Year Under New Ownership

Southwest Consulting Associates Launches Blog

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