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FY 2020 Inpatient Rehab Proposed Rule Update

FFY 2017 MAC Letters & Aberrant Worksheet S-10 Data

FFY 2017 SSI Ratios Posted to CMS Website for Medicare DSH

PODCAST: Worksheet S-10 Scope, Uses and Implications

PRRB Rules and Electronic System

Observations from MAC Audits - Worksheet S-10

FFY 2019 Medicare Cost Report Submission Reminders

FY 2019 IPPS Rule, Worksheet S-10 Audits & Going Forward

FY 2020 Wage Index Deadline Reminders

Worksheet S-10 Audits

Medicare Cost Report Electronic Signature Steps

Cost to Charge Ratio Review For Worksheet S-10 Uncompensated Care Reporting

Medicare Cost Reporting Updates - 7 Things to Know

Hospital Cost to Charge Ratio 101

FY19 IPPS Final Rule: Cost Report Worksheet S-10 Is Here To Stay

Guide to 340B Recertification

CMS Posts 2019 IPPS Final Rule

340B Corner: Capt. Pedley Testifies In 340B Program Government Hearing

340B Corner: Senate HELP Committee Hearing on Drug Pricing Blueprint

Costs for Medicare Cost Report Worksheet S-10 Cost to Charge Ratio

Texas Hospital Association Partners With SCA Uncompensated Care Costs Calculations

2019 IPPS Proposed Rule: Cost Report Worksheet S-10 to determine Two-Thirds of Factor 3 for Uncompensated Care Payment

CMS Posts 2019 IPPS Proposed Rule

Federal Fiscal Year vs. Hospital Fiscal Year

340B Corner: Senate HELP Committee Hearing on the 340B Program

FFY 2016 SSI Ratios Posted to CMS Website

Worksheet S-10: 2017 History and Resource Guide

Southwest Consulting Associates Partners With HAPevolve

340B and Worksheet S-10 Collide, Again

Worksheet S-10 Q&A Posted by CMS

CMS Issues Transmittal 1981, Change Request 10378 for Worksheet S-10

Celebrating SCA's 3rd Blog-iversary

What You Need To Know About TDL 180029 & Worksheet S-10

CMS Transmittal 11 and Cost Report Worksheet S-10 Instructions

TDL Issued, Worksheet S-10 Revision Deadline Extended For ALL

CMS Extends Cost Report Worksheet S-10 Revision Deadline

340B Corner: Government Accountability Office 340B Recommendations

340B Corner: 340B OPAIS WEBINAR

Robust Factor 3 Comments Not Enough to Sway CMS & 2018 IPPS Final Rule

340B Corner: Mylan Finalizes Settlement for EpiPen Overcharging

2018 IPPS Final Rule: "What To Do Now" Recommendations

2018 IPPS Final Rule: Worksheet S-10 Comes Off the Bench

340B Corner Feature: Turnkey Pharmacy Solutions Recaps 340B Coalition

340B Corner: OPAIS ALERT

340B Corner: Make Way for OPAIS, OPA's New 340B Database!

CMS Posts 2018 IPPS Final Rule: Worksheet S-10 IS A GO!

2018 IPPS Proposed Rule: Recommendations in Advance of Final Rule

PRRB Alert 12 Issued

340B Corner: 340B optimization program, ELEVATE340B, becomes Medi-Sota preferred vendor

340B Corner: Energy & Commerce Committee Hearing “Examining HRSA’s Oversight of the 340B Drug Pricing Program” Part 2

340B Corner: Energy & Commerce Committee Hearing “Examining HRSA’s Oversight of the 340B Drug Pricing Program” Part 1

CMS Posts FY2014 Worksheet S-10 Revisions Announcement

FFY 2015 SSI Ratios Posted to CMS Website

CMS Issues Transmittal 1863 - FY2015 Worksheet S-10

340B Corner:  340B Registration Period Underway July 1-15th

IPPS Proposed Rule 2018: Factor 3 - CMS Digging Heels In

2018 IPPS Proposed Rule: Factor 3

2018 IPPS Proposed Rule Comment Letter Submitted to CMS

What is the 2018 IPPS Proposed Rule Factor 2?

2018 IPPS Proposed Rule: Factor 1

2018 IPPS Proposed Rule: Cost Report Worksheet S-10 to determine Medicare DSH/Uncompensated Care Payment

340B Corner: 340B optimization program, ELEVATE340B, partners with DFW Hospital Council

CMS Posts 2018 IPPS Proposed Rule

340B Corner:  Next 340B Registration Period Begins April 1st

340B Corner: Pay-for-Performance 340B Optimization Solution

PRRB Issues Decision in Massachusetts CCHIP Case

Because You Need Another Thanksgiving Email...

340B Corner: Managing High Compliance Risk in 340B Contract Pharmacy

340B Corner: Community Health Center 340B Policy and Procedures Check

340B Corner: FQHCs & OPA 340B Audit Findings

340B Corner:  The Next 340B Registration Period Begins October 1st

Worksheet S-10 & Transmittal 1681

2017 IPPS Final Rule Delays Worksheet S-10 Uncompensated Care Formula

340B Corner: OPA 340B Audit Enhancements, Tips & Independent 340B Audits

2017 IPPS Final Rule, Medicare DSH Reimbursement & Worksheet S-10

340B Corner: Glean Insights from HRSA 340B Audit Results

340B Corner: HRSA 340B Audit Statistics Update

340B Corner: Hospital 340B Recertification Starts Today

340B Corner: HRSA Coalition Update incl. 340B Program Regulation & 340B Audits

340B Corner: Hospital 340B Recertification Starts Next Month

340B Corner: OPA Addresses Independent 340B External Audits @ Coalition

FFY 2014 SSI Ratios Posted to CMS Website

340B Corner: Expectations of a 340B Independent Audit

2017 IPPS Rule Posted: Big Changes for Medicare DSH & S-10 Uncompensated Care

340B Corner: Comment Period Reopened for 340B Pricing & Civil Monetary Penalties

4 Misconceptions Regarding Medicare DSH SSI Recalculations

340B Corner: Updated 2015 HRSA Audit Results, First Look at 2016

2016 OPPS Final Rule - Medicare DSH & New Substantive Reimbursement Requirement

340B Corner: 340B Purchased Drugs Allowed for Discharge Prescriptions

PRRB Published Jurisdictional Decisions:  A Year in Review - Part II

Another Case for Retroactive Medicaid Eligibility Verification: South Carolina

340B Corner: 340B Eligibility & Qualification

PRRB Published Jurisdictional Decisions:  A Year in Review - Part I

SSI Recalculations: Determining IF You Benefit

340B Corner: 340B Coalition Winter Conference Update

340B Corner: Manufacturer Credit for Recalculating 340B Ceiling Price

Considerations for Worksheet S-10 Uncompensated Care Reporting

340B Corner: Contract Pharmacy Quarterly Monitoring

340B Corner: Contract Pharmacy - "With Great Risk, Comes Great Reward"

340B, Worksheet S-10 & Uncompensated Care in Spotlight

SSI Recalculations: AKA SSI Realignments/SSI Redeterminations/SSI Enhancements

SCA News & Events: ‘Tis the Season

340B Corner: 340B Program Focus in FY2016 OIG Work Plan

340B Corner: OIG Issues Policy Statement On Self-Administered Drugs

340B Corner: HRSA & SCA 340B External Audit Takeaways & Best Practices

Overview of Worksheet S-10 Medicare Cost Report Instructions

340B Corner: 2015 HRSA Audit Results

MedPAC Advocates Worksheet S-10 To Distribute Uncompensated Care Pool

340B Corner: Mega-Guidance Addresses Covered Outpatient Drugs

340B Corner: Preventing Medicaid Managed Care Duplicate Discounts Falls on 340B Covered Entity

340B Corner: Exceptions For 340B Covered Entities Subject to GPO Prohibition

340B Corner: Hospital 340B Eligibility Changes in Mega-Guidance

340B Corner: Mega­-Guidance Language Change May Eliminate Child Sites

340B Corner:  Mega-Guidance Addresses 340B Patient Definition

340B Corner:  Mega-Guidance Puts Emphasis on 340B Program Integrity

340B Corner: Manufacturer Refund for 340B Covered Entity Overcharging

340B Corner: Mega-Guidance Adds Contract Pharmacy Audit Requirement

340B Corner: Regulators Continue Evaluation of 340B Program

Medicare DSH, Barberton and Another Case for Retrospective Reviews

340B Corner: HRSA posts 340B Program Omnibus Guideline (Mega-Guidance)

IPPS Final Rule, Medicare DSH, Factor 3 & the Timing of Medicaid Days

Medicare DSH and Worksheet S-10 Uncompensated Care Update

340B Corner: OMB Review of 340B Mega-Guidance Complete

FY 2016 IPPS Final Rule in Federal Register Addresses Worksheet S-10

340B Corner: Controversial GAO Report on the 340B Drug Pricing Program

340B Corner: 340B Mega-Guidance review extended by OMB

340B Corner: 340B Recertification Best Practices

340B Corner: 340B Recertification

PRRB Alert 11 Issued

340B Corner HRSA 340B Coalition Update & Restricted Manufacturer Audit

340B Corner: Instance of Overcharging in the 340B Program

340B Corner: Ceiling Price & Civil Monetary Penalties Proposed Rule Up

340B Corner: The 340B Program History

2016 IPPS Proposed Rule Comment Letter Submitted to CMS

How Will Mega-Guidance Clarify Patient Definition For A Covered Entity

340B Corner: Evaluate How Proposed Changes May Impact 340B Program

2016 IPPS Proposed Rule: Uncompensated Care Reimbursement

340B Corner: 340B and the Growing Importance of Worksheet S-10

FFY 2013 SSI Ratios Posted to CMS Website

340B Corner: HRSA Submits Mega-Guidance For OMB Review

340B Corner: The Fight Continues - Orphan Drugs

340B Corner: GPO Prohibition Compliance

340B Corner: Shift In 340B Compliance to Include Manufacturers

CMS Issues Ruling 1498-R2

4th Quarter PRRB Appeal Jurisdiction Decisions – New Decisions, Same Trends

Alert 10: PRRB Issues Favorable Jurisdictional Decision in Barberton

340B Corner: Energy & Commerce Committee Examine the 340B Drug Pricing Program - Congressional Hearing Summary

340B Corner: Get Ready, Get Ready

340B Corner: HRSA is coming! HRSA is coming!

340B Corner: Cmdr. Pedley Announces 2015 Timeline & 340B Mega-Guidance

340B Corner: HRSA/OPA Fiscal Year 2016 Budget Proposal

340B Corner: 340B Meets S-10

340B Corner: All Aboard

SCA News & Events: Santa’s Helpers & Holiday Office Fun

Southwest Consulting Notes Items of Importance in OIG FY2015 Work Plan

SCA News & Events: And the Award Goes To...

Front & Center with SCA President, Michael Newell: Alert 10 In Action

Medicare DSH & PRRB Alert 10: Don't get Steamrolled

SCA News & Events: ‘Tis the Season

PRRB Appeal Jurisdiction Decisions: Navigating the Hurdles

Revised 2015 Exchange Enrollment Projections and Uncompensated Care

Medicare DSH and CMS’ Requirement to Claim Cost: An Unfinalized Proposed Change That Should Command Your Attention

Medicare DSH As You Know It Has Changed

Uncompensated Care Reimbursement: Meet Your Milestones

Medicare Disproportionate Share: 25% Is All You Get?

Uncompensated Care Reimbursement: Factor 3 (Piece of the Pie)

Uncompensated Care Reimbursement: Factor 2 (THE SKIM)

Uncompensated Care Reimbursement: Factor 1 (THE POOL)

Introducing the Uncompensated Care Payment

Empirically Justified DSH Payment & What it Means to Reimbursement

Meet the “New” Medicare DSH Calculation under the Affordable Care Act

Southwest Consulting Associates Celebrates 1-Year Under New Ownership

Southwest Consulting Associates Launches Blog

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